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 First Place Middle School: Leaf on a Pond, Ben Joosten, Grade 7, West Jr. High, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
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First Place High School: Bloodstained Sunrise, Paul Bertolino, Grade 12, Ward Melville, East Setauket, NY

First Grade Friends

Name: First Grade Friends Brief Description of the Site: Although she retired from Edwardsburg, Michigan at the end of this last school year, Jill Perkins’ will update her Web site for first-grade students through the 2004-05 school year. The site is a great example of how teachers can use the Internet to


Yosemite Stream: Brendan James, Grade 7, The Wilson School, Mountain Lakes, NJ (middle school runners up)

Arizona schools graduate first seniors without textbooks

Empire High School (Vail, AZ) seniors will be the first group of students to have started and completed their high school careers without the use of traditional textbooks, using personal laptops instead. When the school began its 2005 school year,

Mrs. Schwartz's First Grade

Name: Mrs. Schwartz's First Grade Corinne Schwartz teaches first grade at Lincrest Elementary School in Yuba City, California. A main focus of her Web site is providing online resources for students to practice math and language arts skills, as well as to learn vocabulary for science and social studies. How to

First Day of School Activities

First Day of School Activities Are you looking for some creative activities to get to know your students on the first day of class? This site has compiled a list of great activities, icebreakers, and team-building games to get your classes off on the right foot. Cape Breton Victoria School District

Which Comes First - the Interactive Technology or the Technology Backbone?

 Most school districts today understand the importance of providing interactive, engaging learning environments for their students. But in their drive to improve students' classroom experience, districts frequently prioritize the adoption of new technology platforms without first ensuring that they have the right IT infrastructure in place.