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L2251x Wide

The ThinkVision L2251x Wide (www.lenovo.com) environmentally friendly monitor uses only 18 watts during operation, unlike the average consumption of other monitors, at 49 watts. The L2251x Wide is made of 65 percent postconsumer recycled plastics and is shipped in a reusable protective bag to reduce plastics use. Other features include a 22-inch-wide screen (1,680 x 1,050) and ambient-light sensor/white LED black light, built-in webcam, and cable management.
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NComputing Inc

has announced a USB-connected virtualdesktop client and the release of its fifthgeneration vSpace desktop-virtualization software. The U170 plugs into a computer’s USB 2.0 port and, with vSpace, enables additional users to share that computer. Each U170 delivers a high-definition multimedia experience and has connections for the user’s own monitor, speakers, microphone, keyboard, mouse, and other USB peripherals. The U170 draws only two watts of electricity and is powered through the USB cable, so it does not require a separate power adapter. Several U170s can be connected to a computer either directly or through a USB hub.www.ncomputing.com

Samsung Electronics America

Samsung Electronics America (www.samsung.com) launched the Samsung 650TS (shown), a 65-inch LCD touchscreen, and the Samsung 650FP, a 65-inch LCD screen. The Samsung 650TS and 650FP are Samsung’s first 65-inch large-format displays. The 650TS is an interactive whiteboard with a high-definition LCD touchscreen and communication features such as screen synchronization. It is compatible with widely used applications like Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.

World Wide School

World Wide School The World Wide School is a free library of e-texts that range in subject matter from adventure stories to zoology, written by authors from Aesop to Emile Zola. The premise of the library is to provide an opportunity for lifelong learning. You won't find current literature

The Hitachi

The Hitachi (www.hitachi.com) CP-A52 3LCD projector offers ultrashort- throw capability, easy maintenance and the ability to project an 80-inch image from 25 inches away. This means that teachers no longer have to worry about obstructing the projected image when they stand in front of the screen. Additionally, there are no shadows to interfere with the image or any light in the presenter’s face. The CP-A52 also has a hybrid filter that requires maintenance only every 2,000 hours. The projector’s saving mode reduces power consumption to less than 5W by disabling RS-232C control except for power-on command, monitor-out and audio capability.


Dell introduces the Latitude Z, a 16-inch laptop with the security, wireless, service, and support options of the Dell Latitude family. The tapered design starts at slightly more than half an inch thick (14.5 mm) and 4.4 lb (2.0kg). Backlit wide-screen, high-definition 16-inch LCD with integrated 2 MP autofocus Webcam provides a larger visual workspace for viewing several files at once and for easy collaboration both in and out of the office.PROS: “Easy Scan and Copy” allows users to use the built-in Webcam as a scanner to capture documents to PDFs. There is also a cordless inductive docking station available. The overall design is very professional. It also has a feature that allows users to assign several applications to a “quick launch” bar on the right side of the screen.CONS: To reduce weight and thickness, there are no built-in speakers or optical drivers. This is not necessarily a negative, but it should be noted that these devices are add-ons.OVERALL EVALUATION: This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a sleek, lightweight box that can do the work alongside the big boys. Even though the box is only half an inch thick, this 32-bit powerhouse packs enough computing power to handle those large spreadsheets and databases. Unlike those on some laptops, the touch of the keyboard is smooth and effortless, and the backlit keys are a nice feature. Everything about this computer says three things: power, speed, and elegance.www.dell.comRetail price: Starts at $1,799—Joe Huber

The Dukane ImagePro

The Dukane ImagePro 8755j Data Projector (www.dukcorp.com/av) is light (7.7 pounds) and easy to install and delivers 5,000 hours of lamp life or 6,000 hours in whisper mode. The 8755J also includes handy front-loading filter access and a 5,000-hour high-performance filter. New performance features include whiteboard and blackboard modes, a 16-watt speaker and instant on and off. The 8755J offers audio passthrough, so the sound system may be used to play CDs on the PC when projector is off.

Spirit SD Multimedia

Califone (www.califone.com) launches the Spirit SD Multimedia Player/Recorder. The Spirit SD’s built-in SD card slot and USB port allow the unit to work with the latest digital file formats. The product lets students record responses and projects with a built-in microphone, helping educators monitor their progress and create audio-filled lessons that engage them. Built with shatterproof ABS plastic for durability and safety in high-use environments, the Spirit SD features a teacher-tested CD player, a cassette recorder/player, and an AM-FM radio. This unit is available as a stand-alone multimedia player/recorder or as part of a four- or six-person learning center.