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Peg Sheehy Best Practices

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Showcasing Best Practices

Tip: Everyone wants to know what works. Checkout what educators in Michigan are doing at "Best Practices in Michigan" You can find lessons aligned to content and technology standards for elementary, middle, and high school classes in PDF format and easy to follow. You can use these as models of best practices

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4 Best Practices for IT Management

Brought to you by     Wednesday April 20, 2011 | 11 am PST 2 pm EST Click here to register for this free webinar Every education IT leader knows about patch management. But is every education IT department patching as

Best Practices in Live Synchronous Online Teaching

By Dinesh Awasthi Moving from an offline classroom teaching to live online synchronous teaching without pre recorded videos is a giant leap, not only of technology, but also of preparation, etiquette and conduct.A lot of what works offline in preparing