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Ryan Imbriale

 As assistant principal at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County (MD) Public Schools, Ryan Imbriale works to integrate technology into the classroom for both students and teachers.

Ryan Silver

The IT director at a private school in Los Angeles talks tech.

The Great Literacy Debate by Ryan Bretag

Literacy has been the topic of much debate recently within various edtech communities the definition of literacy, the new literacies,  the 21st Century and literacy, and more.  While debates of this sort surrounding literacy is nothing new and often purely


Digital Directions International has significantly enhanced their HELP Math for ELL and Special Needs program by integrating a diagnostic-prescriptive tool. This comprehensive and adaptive tool allows the teacher to pretest students to better individualize instruction. The grade-level and adaptive pretests save teachers time by auto-generating custom learning pathways to provide a seamless link between diagnostic assessments and prescriptive interventions. The new assessments not only target grade-level deficiencies, but also identify and help remediate gaps in students’ foundational/prerequisite skills. Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: assessment


The AutoRoster application allows districts to easily link educators to student information within their TestWiz system. The software satisfies the specific need for moving correct student roster information from a student information system into TestWiz. Once set up, the process runs automatically on a prearranged schedule to ensure that data are as accurate as possible. AutoRoster can work with other software programs as well. TestWiz processes, scans, scores, and reports on all student assessment data in one system. The system allows users all the way down to the classroom level to view, sort, and filter results from national, state, local, and standardized assessments.Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: assessment