Ryan Silver

The IT director at a private school in Los Angeles talks tech.

Ryan Imbriale

 As assistant principal at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County (MD) Public Schools, Ryan Imbriale works to integrate technology into the classroom for both students and teachers.

The Great Literacy Debate by Ryan Bretag

Literacy has been the topic of much debate recently within various edtech communities the definition of literacy, the new literacies,  the 21st Century and literacy, and more.  While debates of this sort surrounding literacy is nothing new and often purely

A Potential Starting Point by Ryan Bretag

How do we get schools to embrace and effectively infuse educational technology into the environment? For quite some time, all roads have led to this question and many thoughts have been expressed on how to best make it happen bottom

Datamation Systems www.computer batterychargers.com

has added netbook chargers to its suite of multi-battery hargers for notebooks and tablets. One recharges batteries for the new Dell Latitude 2100; the other works for batteries used in Lenovo’s IdeaPad S9 and S10 models. More models are on the way. These new chargers can also re-calibrate batteries, extending their useful life.


This online prepayment system lets parents keep track of their kids’ food choices. Parents can log on to their child’s account and view what has been purchased on a specific day, as well as itemized lists of any snacks or à la carte items that were bought. New for 2009-2010, the MealpayPlus system also allows parents to pay for other school services and activities—bus fees, school pictures, book fees, field trips, athletics fees, fund-raisers, and more—all on the MealpayPlus Web site.Price: free for school districts that use Horizon SoftwareCategory: payment system


This study software provides remediation in subjects such as foreign languages, vocabulary, science, and history. It generates digital files similar to flash cards and allows users to add questions and answers. The study materials then work in a question-and-answer format. Once the needed materials are entered, students can learn through games. While they play, questions pop up to challenge them to master the information entered. After correctly answering all the questions, the student is congratulated. Price: $39.99 Category: remediation software