The NEA Foundation Funds Girls Thinking Global’s New Data Visualization Tool

The new tool creates an online global community among organizations serving girls and young women
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The new tool creates an online global community among organizations serving girls and young women

(Cambridge, MA) November 17, 2016 – Just in time for International Education Week, and with the support of a grant from The NEA Foundation, Girls Thinking Global (GTG) has launched its GTG Collaborative Visualization Tool, an online community of practice.

The GTG Visualization Tool is an interactive global data mapping of hundreds of organizations that support the education, health, well-being, and success of young women and girls globally. Users can select a country or service area and see a list of organizations serving that geographic location, as well as the services they provide and their websites. Currently, the Visualization Tool includes information for 286 organizations.

“The GTG Visualization Tool fills a much-needed information gap by harnessing the power of technology to create a global online community to connect non-profits serving girls and young women,” said Kathy Hurley, the CEO of GTG. “GTG is grateful to the NEA Foundation for providing much-needed assistance to create this online community, which will be invaluable to leaders who want to make connections with organizations that share the goal of empowering and educating young women and adolescent girls around the world.”

“Girls Thinking Global’s new visualization tool speaks directly to the NEA Foundation’s goals of sharing knowledge and building partnerships,” said Harriet Sanford, president and CEO of the NEA Foundation.

You can find the GTG Collaborative Visualization Tool here.

About Girls Thinking Global
Based in Newton, MA, Girls Thinking Global (GTG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to creating a global community of organizations serving girls and young women by leveraging technology to create a collaborative space that connects best practices, knowledge, and expertise among non-profits. To learn more about GTG and how you can join the GTG Collaborative, please visit

About The NEA Foundation
The NEA Foundation is a public charity supported by contributions from educators' dues, corporate sponsors, foundations, and others who support public education initiatives. We partner with education unions, districts, and communities to create powerful, sustainable improvements in teaching and learning.For more information, visit

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