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PublicSchoolWORKS Releases Suite of Concussion Training Courses to Help Districts Keep School Athletes Safe

The courses cover the definition and symptoms of a concussion, how to intervene when one occurs, and how to best support a student heading back on the field or to the classroom afterward
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Cincinnati, OH (August 22, 2017) — According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. emergency rooms diagnosed almost 330,000 U.S. children (age 19 or younger) with a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) after a sport-related injury in 2013. To help school districts keep students safe during district-sponsored athletic practices and events, PublicSchoolWORKScreated a suite of concussion related safety training for coaches and officials, teachers, school nurses or other staff clinicians, and students.

The online training suite includes the following five courses:

  • Concussion in Sports: Explains what a concussion does to the brain, signs and symptoms, how to manage a concussion and how to keep students safe from concussions.
  • Concussion in Schools– Return to Learn: Discusses how concussions can impact learning, emotion regulation, or behavior and how teachers can support affected students.
  • Concussions in Youth Sports – Heads Up: Shows how to prepare for and prevent concussions and how to help students return to play and school after a concussion.
  • Concussion in Sports – A Guide for Coaches: Helps coaches to identify a concussion and respond if one occurs and how to implement an action plan before the season starts.
  • Concussions: Heads Up to Clinicians: Helps clinicians to diagnose and manage a concussion and it offers training on how to prevent concussions.

All courses are deployed online via PublicSchoolWORKS’ award-winning EmployeeSafe Suite so staff can complete courses at their convenience. The system emails staff a link to the course and sends reminders leading up to the training deadline. It also emails administrators a report listing those who failed to complete training for easier follow-up and all training records are stored online.

Recent high-profile lawsuits against major organizations for improperly managing collegiate and professional athletes’ concussions and the continuous research on the long-term impacts of concussions have led to an increased awareness. Since 2014, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have a sports concussion law establishing mandatory protocols.

“Coaches, officials or referees, teachers, students and parents should all know how to prevent a concussion and what to do if one occurs because they can be fatal,” said Tom Strasburger, Vice President, Strategic Alliances at PublicSchoolWORKS. “With training, the district can ensure stakeholders know and abide by the state-mandated protocols, which will keep students safe as they play.”

PublicSchoolWORKS’ online training catalog consists of more than 500 courses addressing a variety of different safety concerns for faculty, staff and students. See what other safety training courses your district can implement here.

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