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Diverse K-12 Districts Implement Arts-Infused Learning Initiatives with creatED

Washington, D.C. and Atlanta metropolitan districts use Crayola’s professional learning program to support arts-integration across curricula
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Easton, PA. (September 6, 2017) — With STEAM initiatives gaining momentum in K-12 schools, district leadersacross the U.S. are expanding their academic focus to implement arts-integrated approaches to learning.Crayola®, the brand that inspires creativity in education, supports these arts initiatives through the creatED professional learning program. creatED provides strategies for developing arts-infused education to improve student achievement. With passionate education leaders driving new initiatives at Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS)and Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), these districts are seeing success with their expansive arts-integration plans.

To enhance cross-curricular, arts-infused teaching and learning strategies, creatED provides insights and best practices to inspire a creative mindset among educators. The professional development curriculum trains district leadership teams to become catalysts for change in all subject areas. creatED is available in one, two, and three-year configurations. The program’s team of professional learning specialists works with district leaders to customize the training sequence and content for districts of all sizes.

CCPS, located just outside of Atlanta, is making strides to improve overall student achievement and teacher performance. With a school board and the appointment of a new superintendent as well as other staff members that support the arts, the district culture is shifting toward seamless staff buy-in for arts-integration. Seventy-two different languages are spoken throughout CCPS, which inspires Dr. Monika Wiley, director of fine arts at CCPS, to fully embrace arts-integration to function as a universal language across curricula.

“Art provides an avenue for people that learn differently. It also provides ways to convey information and demonstrate what they've learned,” Wiley said. “Art builds a bridge for students that speak different languages, and that’s why arts-integration is a great fit for CCPS.”

PGCPS in Maryland is entering its fourth year of a district-wide, arts-integration initiative. Out of the 210 schools in the district, 65 are currently enrolled in the program, with new enrollments each year. These implementations have been spearheaded by Creative Leadership Teams at each school — serving as pioneers for change in an effort to improve student achievement across the district. The strategies are uniquely developed for each school within the district, allowing educators to embrace the arts in their own way.

“I’ve found that when teachers leave their comfort zone, they are thankful that they took the challenge. After integrating arts into their practice, they feel comfortable using different strategies to reach their students,” said John Ceschini, arts integration officer for PGCPS. “Success is achieved when risks are taken.”

In addition to the creatED program, Crayola offers “Creatively Speaking,” a complimentary webinar series. Designed for educators, “Creatively Speaking” presents the compelling research, testimonials and best practices for bringing arts-integration to classrooms.

To learn more about creatED and the ‘Creatively Speaking’ webinar series, visit http://www.crayola.com/education.

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Crayola LLC, based in Easton, Pa. and a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, is the worldwide leader in creative expression, offering professional training programs and products that drive creativity in education. Crayola Education provides professional learning to teachers and coaches on creative leadership, multi-literacies, and STEAM to prepare students with 21st century skills that hinge on creativity. By providing educators with resources and professional learning, Crayola Education bolsters district-wide creative capacity to increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes. For more information, visit www.crayola.com/education.

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