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3-Bullet Thursday [Templates! Templates! Templates!]

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I hope you enjoy the below three templates that have, and continue to, completely empower my teaching practice. 

  • Looking for a 5E lesson planning template that also addresses the Next Generation Science Standards? Click here for a template.  
  • Interested in using medical diagnosis as a curiosity spark in biology? Click here for a template. Click here for a student example.  
  • Do your students constantly create bad presentations? Click here for a rubric template that leverages a comical approach to teaching presentation skills.

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Ramsey Musallam teaches science and robotics at Sonoma Academy in Santa Rosa, California, with the aim of fostering inquiry-based learning environments fueled by student curiosity. He presents widely on sparking student curiosity and teaching with technology. Musallam is a Google Certified Teacher, a YouTube Star Teacher, and a Leading Edge Certified Teacher. Watch his TED talk here and read his blog at www.cyclesoflearning.com