PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Lincoln Content Bank Provides More Than 110K Learning Resources for Grades EK-12

Lincoln Learning
(Image credit: Lincoln Learning)

Tech & Learning's judges:  “This is a comprehensive resource for educators. The fact that it is secured in the AWS Cloud and is compatible with any SIS system is invaluable.”

The Lincoln Content Bank, powered by Amazon Web Services, is a highly secure LMS add-on tool that gives educators access to discover and add enterprise-level curriculum content into their courses. The tool, which recently was recognized as one of Tech & Learning’s Best of 2023 in both the primary and secondary divisions, contains nearly 110,000 Early Kindergarten through 12th-grade vetted learning objects from the accredited Lincoln Empowered curriculum.

The Lincoln Content Bank supports educators and fuels learning experiences at any grade level by providing an affordable repository of learning objects, which are autonomous blocks of educational content aligned to specific learning objectives meeting specific national and/or state standards. Content is presented via multiple modalities, such as asynchronous instructional text, videos, games, or other online and offline activities, allowing educators to supplement learning in a variety of styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.) to meet the needs of all learners. 

The tool integrates with any LTI 1.3 capable LMS and is currently fully supported in popular LMSs such as Instructure Canvas, Schoology, and Agilix Buzz. It also offers perceptive and rapid search capabilities, relative search results, intuitive tooling, customizable material for full classes or individual students, streamlined access to learning objects, and cross-curricular learning opportunities.

Designed by teachers for teachers, the possibilities for using the Lincoln Content Bank are only limited by an educator's imagination. Content can be utilized within a traditional classroom with whole group instruction through the administration of activities, presentation of videos, or discussion of instructional material. Examples include a flipped-classroom approach to lesson content or additional resources for homework activities. 

With its extensive selection of carefully curated materials, the Lincoln Content Bank simplifies lesson preparation, creating more space for educators to direct their energy toward shaping a more engaging and tailored learning journey for their students. It is an invaluable tool in helping educators close the gap in student understanding, aligning resources with educational accommodations, and promoting standards mastery.

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