PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Frontline School Health Management Boosts Effectiveness with New Disease Case Management Functionality

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Frontline School Health Management is a single solution for school nurses, guidance counselors, social workers, administrators and other service providers to schedule, document, report and comply with state and federal standards for physical, mental and behavioral health. By bringing this information into one place, data can be used to assess and address population and individual needs, and collaboration between providers can occur to best meet the student needs.

And now Frontline School Health Management with new Disease Case Management functionality helps districts keep students and staff safe with health checks, test results, vaccine tracking, case management, contact tracing, isolation and quarantine data, and statistics for more than 30 communicable diseases.

“I don’t know what I would do without it,” says Becky Garrett, school nurse for the Everett Area School District in Pennsylvania. “It’s part of my daily routine. I love the user-friendliness of the program.”

The newest offering under Frontline’s School Health Management program, Disease Case Management’s functionality enables users to collect timely, accurate, and secure data, both in and out of school settings, and share it with key stakeholders to quickly identify and respond to emerging trends, all while keeping districts compliant and schools safe.

With Frontline School Health Management with new Disease Case Management functionality, K-12 organizations can:

  • Import student vaccine information using Immunization Registry Connection.
  • Easily track and report on student vaccination status.
  • Monitor staff compliance of state testing requirements for communicable diseases.
  • Support school-focused contact tracing, quarantine, and reentry procedures.
  • Proactively monitor critical data with specific reporting and analytics in a dashboard for 30+ disease types to get ahead of an outbreak.
  • Collect and report on health data and trends (symptoms, testing, immunity, and more).
  • Securely perform daily health checks with a mobile health screening app.

Frontline School Health Management offers the most comprehensive K-12 Electronic Medical Records for school nurses on the market. School nurses can use it to track student health trends for physical, mental, and behavioral health, document student encounters, ensure health documentation is secure and compliant, conduct and manage regular health screenings, track immunizations, and administer medication and track medication inventory.

“The consistency and the efficiency that it provides cannot be matched,” says Sadie Kirell, Director of Nursing for Rock Hill Schools in South Carolina. “I am big on being efficient and not double documenting, not creating processes that make the job of the school nurse hard. This makes it pretty seamless.”

Never has monitoring the individual and collective health of students and staff been more important. Yet this seems like a monumental task on top of everything else school districts are facing – surging teacher and school health provider shortages, unprecedented staff transitions, intensifying mental health concerns, and formidable learning gaps.

“Before electronic records, you would have to rely on what someone told you, or we would have it in the file, but you’d have to go hunt for it,” says Laura Garrett, Director of Nursing, Greenwood School District 50 in South Carolina. “To me, that’s the most important thing: It has made it a lot safer for all the nurses when they’re trying to take care of children.”

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