VIDEO: How to Support Mental Health Needs to Keep Students Happy and Healthy

Gaggle and Tech & Learning surveyed Tech & Learning’s audiences in April 2023 to shed light on the current state of student mental health – and how districts and schools are addressing this growing issue. 

Survey question 1: Do today’s school-based mental health services meet the needs of students? 


  • 23.1% said they are meeting the needs of more than 50% of their students 
  • 35.4% said they are meeting the needs of 30-50% of their students 
  • 41.5% said they are meeting the needs of less than 30% of their students 
  • 78% of surveyed districts indicate their programs are failing to meet the mental health needs of over 50% of their students 

For more of the survey questions and results, and how Gaggle can empower schools to help keep students safe, please watch this brief video:

Gaggle’s Solutions for Online Safety Help Identify Students in Need of Mental Health Intervention 

Schools of all sizes can learn about the mental health of their students by utilizing Gaggle. With 23 years of experience, Gaggle is the trusted leader in advanced student safety solutions. The combination of human review and accuracy ensures false positives are minimized. Gaggle empowers schools with the ability to prioritize and increase student safety. 

Find out more about Gaggle’s K-12 student online safety solutions. With a student platform like Gaggle, safety is possible. 

Gaggle's Statistics 

- Lives saved: 1,157 

- Districts protected: 1,500 + 

- Gaggle has alerted districts to 526 suicide notes written this school year

- Gaggle has quarantined over 324,210 files this school year


Gaggle is the pioneer in helping K-12 districts manage student safety on school-provided technology. Our mission is to help ensure the safety and well-being of all students, supporting school districts in proactively identifying those who are struggling. We have helped thousands of districts across the country avoid tragedies and save lives.