EXECUTIVE Q&A: Edmentum Welcomes Apex, an Acquisition for Peak Learning Success

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Edmentum, an innovative edtech organization known for engaging curriculum and research-based learning assessments is committed to building lasting partnerships with educators nationwide through best-in-class programs and services that puts teachers first. By deepening and broadening the blended and virtual learning opportunities through strategic partnerships, the online learning solution provider offers an undisrupted pathway to success for students and their schools, even in the most trying of times. Their latest addition to the family — Apex Learning — is a respected leader in education technology with a rich 20-year history of success. We talk with Edmentum CEO, Jamie Candee, who sees the partnership with Apex Learning as a chance to return to better as we head into the fall.

How will these teams join forces to future-proof learning through this next era of hybrid education?

A year and a half of pandemic-era learning has expedited the need to support learners, educators, and administrators in new ways. We have seen students grow increasingly more comfortable with learning via technology. That silver lining exposure to online learning has driven acute awareness of what is both engaging and effective. It is crucial to bring a mode of flexible hybrid learning into classrooms that doesn’t alienate the teacher, but rather amplifies his or her role as an essential learning guide.


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Which Apex features have most helped educators during these challenging times?

Apex Learning’s Tutorials Catalog offers a modular approach to adaptive learning designed to fill gaps and provide accessible on-grade instruction. This is key in the Covid-learning era. For students experiencing learning disruptions and in need of additional support, Apex assures that scaffolds and supports enhance learning and even the playing field for all students.

How has Edmentum remained cognizant of equity issues in the classroom?

We know that school and district leaders wake up every day thinking about equity and access to learning for all the students they serve. By bringing together the Edmentum and Apex teams, we are even more laser-focused on delivering a strong combination of flexible, trusted, and comprehensive programming that delivers against these needs.

How have Apex and Edmentum helped students in transition during this unpredictable COVID-19 era of learning?

Like Edmentum, Apex Learning became a partner that was able to deliver scalable online learning that flexes to meet the needs of virtual, hybrid, and in-classroom program needs. As a joint organization, we have and will continue to provide digital curriculum and assessments to support learning anywhere, anytime with a collective commitment to build school around the needs of students.

How do Apex’s credit-bearing core and elective courses complement Edmentum’s long history of excellent education research to pave the pathway into higher learning for middle and high schoolers?

We believe that we can have a greater impact on student outcomes when we come together. Apex demonstrates specific strengths in middle school and advanced placement curriculum, while also offering standards-aligned instruction through tutorials. Given these core competencies, this acquisition enables Edmentum to offer a deeper course catalog and accelerates other initiatives that will better serve the needs of our educator partners.

What made Apex such an impactful addition to the Edmentum family?

We find ourselves at an important inflection point in education. COVID-era learning opened significant opportunities to accelerate flexibility in teaching and learning in ways we have never seen before. One of the reasons that the organizations are coming together is that we share this commitment to flexible learning in our respective cultures. Edmentum and Apex have complementary values in how we develop our programs, how we go to market, and ultimately how we put educators first. Together, our organizations sit at the intersection of innovation, quality, and what teachers need to differentiate instruction for all kids. This alignment is essential to amplifying the great work educators do to impact student outcomes every day.

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