PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Microsoft Highlights Learning Accelerator Tools at BETT 2023

Microsoft booth at Bett 2023
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Microsoft Learning Accelerator Initiative comprises tools and devices within Microsoft that help accelerate progress in the classroom, boosting learning for students of any age. The Learning Accelerator tools allow teachers to personalize learning for students, no matter what their skill level. 

  • Reading Coach
    Students practice with gentle guidance through pronunciation, syllabification, reading speed, and vocabulary recall. Reading Coach is particularly helpful at supporting students with a range of learning differences.
  • Reading Progress
    Reading Progress tracks students’ reading skills, gives educators actionable insights quickly, and focuses students on specific areas for improvement. By streamlining the reading assignment creation, review, and analysis process, teachers can spend more of their time on active instruction.
  • Reflect
    Microsoft Reflect is a tool within Teams that helps students identify and express how they feel. Students can learn how to navigate all kinds of emotions with the Feelings Monster, who helps find the right words to describe their feelings.  

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Catherine Coleman is a big fan of the Microsoft Learning Accelerator Initiative tools. 

"I think what's really important is seeing a smile on a child's face when they've done something that they never thought they could do," she says. "For example, when they are looking at how to break down a problem that they have found so difficult for a long time and then all of a sudden that light bulb goes on they've got that huge smile on their face and they're like 'Miss, I did it, I get it, I can do it.'"

Coleman relates a story about another child whose reading accuracy ability shot up with only four days' practice, saying "Within four days listening to herself read back and my video feedback she's progressed [from a starting rate of 6% accuracy] to a 67% accuracy rate."

Coleman highlights as well the benefits of Microsoft Reflect, describing the positive effects on a young child who was crying and afraid initially, but progressed to a smiling, confident young learner through the use of Microsoft Reflect.