PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Award-Winning BenQ Board RP03 with InstaShare 2 Ideal for Active Learning

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2023 Awards of Excellence back to school

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BenQ Board RP03

The BenQ Board RP03 with InstaShare 2, recently awarded the Tech & Learning Best for Back to School Award, is designed to support student engagement and collaboration to create an engaging learning environment. As a smart board, it provides teachers with the most advanced way to encourage active learning while still being intuitive to learn and use from the first day.

“The BenQ Board is easier than I thought it would be,” said Lisa Paprzycki, instructional technology coach at Citrus County School District. “We even had a substitute using it in 3 minutes.”

BenQ Board smart boards feature integrative and intuitive features including single sign-on, cloud access, screen sharing, split-screen, screen recording, and annotation tools using a certified germ-resistant interactive display. Designed as a central hub for learning, collaboration, and engagement, BenQ Boards offer personalized settings, cloud storage, and app compatibility. 

The BenQ Board RP03’s unique built-in InstaShare 2 wireless presentation system enables advanced collaboration opportunities, including:

  • A “touchback” feature that allows teachers to control their students’ shared screens, while annotation lets them highlight and draw over important points. 
  • Teachers can enable the floating windows feature so they can use other apps on the board while sharing content. 
  • The session management features give teachers the power to set permissions for each of their students and control who among them can share content at any given time. 
  • Teachers can enable the “do-not-disturb” mode to prevent unwanted interruptions during class. 
  • The InstaShare 2’s smart controller, which is accessible on the teacher’s mobile device, lets them use these controls as well as other BenQ Board apps and features from anywhere in the classroom. 

BenQ Board RP03 Demo 

“The BenQ Instashare revolutionizes the way teachers teach,” writes Tech & Learning’s award judges. “Allowing the teachers to be up and moving around the room increases classroom management and places the teachers in ‘the zone’. InstaShare 2 provides more opportunity to share and collaborate with students by not being attached to a desk or podium.”

Other features include license-free EZ Write whiteboard and annotation software; germ-resistant screen, pen, and remote; split windows for multitasking; array microphones, 16W speakers, and 16W Dolby Digital Plus surround sound; InstaShare 2 wireless screen sharing; and Eyesafe technology for decreasing blue light emissions.

The RP03 BenQ Board is the culmination of BenQ’s pursuit to create comprehensive classroom ecosystems that are intuitive for teachers and students while eliminating hours of training, annual licensing fees, and complex IT maintenance and monitoring. 

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See the BenQ Board RP03 in Action at Kankakee School District 

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