PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Award-Winning Lincoln Content Bank Adds 100,000+ Learning Objects into Any LMS

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2023 Awards of Excellence back to school

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Looking for content to add to your lessons, but don’t have the time to search for the ideal, appropriate resource? Enter The Lincoln Content Bank, a secure LMS add-on tool that gives educators access to discover and integrate enterprise-level curriculum content into their courses. 

Recently awarded Tech & Learning’s Best for Back to School Award, The Lincoln Content Bank integrates with any LTI 1.3 capable LMS, such as Instructure Canvas, Schoology, and Agilix Buzz. The tool contains nearly 110,000 Early Kindergarten through 12th-grade vetted, standards-aligned learning objects from Lincoln Learning’s accredited Lincoln Empowered curriculum. 

Features include rapid search capabilities, relative search results, intuitive tooling, customizable material for full classes or individual students, streamlined access to learning objects, and cross-curricular learning opportunities. Teachers can leverage the Lincoln Content Bank to supplement and add high-quality curriculum content to existing courses from within their LMS platform. 

“This solution provides a wealth of resources for schools and teachers,” writes the Tech & Learning judges. “This is a great solution for schools just starting this journey or those looking to add content and lessons to their current programs.”

The learning objects within this tool are autonomous blocks of educational content created to meet specific learning objectives aligned to distinct national and/or state standards. They present content via multiple modalities, such as asynchronous instructional text, videos, games, or other online and offline activities, allowing teachers to supplement learning in a variety of styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.) to meet the needs of all learners. 

With standards-aligned learning objects from core and elective courses spanning from grades EK-12, teachers can infuse new learning material into their existing course load for supplemental learning, remediation, enrichment, tutoring services, or individualized learning. Teachers can craft a full lesson from these learning objects or incorporate singular objects within lessons however they feel best fit the learners’ needs. Additionally, The Lincoln Content Bank content can be presented in-person or remotely for classroom enrichment and asynchronous extended-learning opportunities. 

The Lincoln Content Bank helps create a more inclusive, adaptable, and effective educational environment, addressing the multifaceted challenges that educators and students face today. The wealth of supplemental materials in the Lincoln Content Bank ensures that each student's unique learning needs are met, promoting better understanding and retention of concepts.

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