PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Award-Winning Otus Offers an All-In-One Solution to Drive Student Success

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There is certainly no shortage of data for schools, but Otus empowers educators to curate this data to help every student reach their full potential through an all-in-one platform with integrated tools to gather, visualize, and act on student growth data. 

Otus, a recent winner of the Tech & Learning Best for Back to School Award, makes every step of the learning process more efficient for teachers, administrators, students, and families by integrating:

  • Grading: Customize grading scales and view performance by various calculations. Track the performance of individual students on each standard over time. Navigate between points and standards for flexibility. 
  • Assessment: Utilize thousands of premade questions and ready-to-use assessments from top curriculum providers aligned to standards. Use built-in AI to generate custom auto-grading assessments. 
  • Progress Monitoring: Set milestones that guide students toward academic, behavioral, and social-emotional goals. See the whole child and make data-informed decisions that support student goals. 
  • Data: Easily import and compare data from benchmark and third-party assessments. Define custom criteria using behavior, performance, and demographic data. Discover trends in student populations.

“Having data is critical, but what Otus provides is a data story that allows the user to see trends and possible next steps,” writes the Tech & Learning award judges. “The more educators use the tool, the clearer the learning path is. In the primary level, educators can use the resource to ensure kids don't fall too far behind before mediation and catch any deficiencies early.”

Otus was created to give time back to educators by incorporating all the tools they need so that everything is in a single, organized location. No more jumping from program to program, manually recording scores in messy, disjointed spreadsheets, and trying to make sense of the information you’re gathering. With a single login, teachers have access to both prebuilt assessments and their own custom-built assessments, traditional and standards-based grading, individualized goal setting and progress monitoring, and a wealth of data that can be searched, filtered, and visualized to identify student trends. 

Not only are teachers linked with other teachers in their building or district able to share and collaborate on assessments and data, but they’re automatically sharing student information with all other stakeholders. Students complete assessments within Otus, families see student progress reported in real-time and communicate with teachers in Otus, and administrators enjoy a birds-eye view of everything happening in their classrooms and can use Otus to make data-driven decisions to improve their schools. 

With Otus, educators not only have the tools they need to act on meaningful student data, optimize learning and maximize student outcomes, but the time it takes to do it, too. 

Here are some specific examples showing how Otus helped these school districts drive student success: