PRODUCT SHOWCASE: GAT Labs Introduces Game-Changing Features in GAT+ to Enhance Google Classroom Integration and Secure Digital Learning

(Image credit: GAT Labs)

I like the overall solution. They have a nice feature set, and the pricing aligns with the competition.”

Tech & Learning Judges

GAT+ by GAT Labs, a comprehensive security and management platform for educational institutions, recently secured the Best of 2023 Award of Excellence from Tech and Learning in the Secondary School category. This recognition is a testament to GAT+'s innovative approach to enhancing the digital educational experience through deep integration with Google Classroom and pioneering developments in monitoring student assignments.

GAT+ unveils several new features, including:

  • Deep integration with Google Classroom. This groundbreaking integration provides automatic classroom awareness and extends to detailed reporting capabilities at all levels of the educational hierarchy, including a global overview valuable for Principals. This allows for a more cohesive and insightful understanding of classroom dynamics and student engagement, streamlining administrative duties and enhancing the educational process. 
  • Monitor Student Assignments When Off-Line: This new feature revolutionizes how teachers assign and monitor student work. Through it, educators can now monitor a student's real-time progress on assignments or tests in Google Docs, even in their absence. This development not only bolsters academic integrity but also ensures that students receive the necessary guidance and support, regardless of the physical presence of their teachers. 

Designed with Google Workspace for Education in mind, GAT+ seamlessly pulls live metadata through Google’s API, offering deep insights into user activity, email traffic, and document sharing. This ensures a secure digital learning environment and empowers educators and administrators with advanced monitoring and analysis tools. The platform's ability to provide real-time insights into student engagement and performance is particularly beneficial for remote teaching scenarios, allowing for a tailored educational experience that meets individual student needs.

2023 also saw GAT+ introduce features to enhance digital security and privacy, reduce administrative workloads, and provide insightful analytics for personalized learning. These features include managing drive-sharing expirations, securing communication channels, and optimizing cost through efficient license management.

GAT+ stands out for its diverse functionalities, including audit and reporting, advanced security and data management, educational tools and workflow integration. Continuous updates and Chromebook insights ensure that GAT+ remains at the forefront of educational technology solutions.

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