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Age of Learning, a leading education technology innovator known for the popular ABCmouse, has set their sights on math. Their goal is to help students master essential math skills, while building their confidence along the way – something critical to success. With this goal in mind, the company has introduced My Math Academy, a personalized, engaging, and adaptive game-based math solution for Pre-K through second grade classes. 

Multiple randomized control trials have shown that students using My Math Academy for as little as 45 minutes per week over a twelve-week period experience significant learning gains, with increased engagement, interest, and confidence in learning math. And schools participating in pilot programs across Florida, California, and Texas are already enjoying the benefits of the new resource .

Teachers in a pilot in Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District in Texas are seeing positive results in their students learning gains and experience with math. 

“Our student body in Harlingen is largely economically disadvantaged, and our administrators and teachers care deeply about providing each child the high-quality education they deserve,” says Carmen Alvarez, Director, HCISD Early Childhood. “Our district was focused on addressing math deficiencies with our early learners. When we discovered My Math Academy, we were confident that it would be a powerful tool for both our students and teachers."

The district initiated the program with more than 900 pre-K students, seeing math skills triple for 3-year-olds and more than double for 4-year-olds. The average 3-year-old pre-K student is now approaching kindergarten-level math skills, with the average 4-year-old pre-K student at mid-kindergarten level. A further 25 pre-K students were identified as achieving a second-grade level. With this level of success, the district expanded the program to 240 kindergartners this past spring.

My Math Academy helps educators focus more on teaching and less on assessing, providing real-time insights on student progress, accomplishments, and points of struggle. These actionable instruction recommendations help teachers make data-driven grouping decisions for efficient classroom management. More importantly, it helps uncover blind spots or blips that could have developed during the challenging on-again, off-again schooling experiences of the past year. 

What makes this resource stand out are the organically embedded formative and summative assessments that encourage game-based learning. The learning system uses assessment data to provide appropriate scaffolding, adjust difficulty, and customize learning pathways. 

“We have seen tremendous results across our classrooms with students fully engaged in math and developing a love of learning, and our teachers have been able to utilize the rich data from this program to differentiate instruction for each child and to track learning growth,” says Alvarez. “Despite the pandemic, our students have been positively impacted, whether they have been learning remotely, in the classroom, or both.” 

Bringing learning to life in a stress-free and creative way has never been so important after the challenges of this era, nor have educators had a steeper hill to climb to bring all their students together while compensating for the drastically different environments of the past year. Tools that help achieve both goals can help schools find their way to success.

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Age of Learning®, is a leading education technology innovator, creating engaging and effective learning resources to help children build a strong foundation for academic success. Based in Los Angeles, the company is Bringing Learning to Life by blending educational expertise, innovative technology, and insightful creativity. Age of Learning’s flagship product in the U.S.,® Early Learning Academy, is a comprehensive curriculum for preschool through second grade, available on all major digital platforms. In 2019 the company launched Adventure Academy™, the first AAA educational massively multiplayer online game (MMO), serving elementary- and middle-school-aged children with thousands of learning activities in a fun and safe virtual world. My Math Academy® for schools is an adaptive, personalized program that helps students master foundational math concepts. Connect with Age of Learning at or on LinkedInTwitterYouTube, and Facebook.