Remote Learning in Action: Creating Lessons

remote learning
(Image credit: Maine Township District 207)

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Where: Maine Township District 207, Park Ridge, Illinois

Who: Jill Geocaris, Innovative Adult Learning Coordinator

I have been working with the teachers in my district to try to find ways to engage students in remote learning. Our state (Illinois) has given guidance that does not allow students grades to be negatively impacted by remote learning so teachers need to find ways to engage students in learning for the sake of learning, not for the purpose of earning points toward a grade. This requires teachers to use differentiation strategies such as providing flexibility in choice and pace for their students.  

Here is an example of a remote learning lesson our World Cultures PLT created that is a great example of this. The teacher uses Loom to introduce the choice board to her students. The learning choices are connected to both content and social emotional learning as well as current events.   

In my role I have been trying support our teachers' transition to elearning through providing virtual support sessions. For the first two weeks I had an 8 am session in which teachers could log in virtually and share ideas with one another. Our staff has been developing both synchronous and asynchronous lessons for students, and since the district is 1:1 with chromebooks (we provided hotspots for students who needed them) our staff is able to use a wide variety of apps and platforms in these lessons.  

Here are some links to some other lessons that some of our staff members have created.

English Lesson

Biology Choice Board

Playlist Example

Orchestra Weekly Plan