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Tech & Learning Remote Learning Playbook Special Report

Remote Learning Guide

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The “Remote Learning Playbook” presents a detailed remote learning plan for schools and districts.

The Playbook includes: 

•How to Design a Remote Learning Plan
•Templates and resource links that schools can provide to their staff and parents
•Free resources for remote learning solutions  
•Tips for training and communication
•Low/no tech ideas
•And more!

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October 2021

STEM in the classroom magazine cover

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Tech & Learning's October issue highlights STEM topics such as coding and robotics as well as strategies to engage students in STEM learning, from circuit boxes to escape rooms to the power of 3D printing. We also take a close look at "active learning"  to find out what makes it really work. For administrators, our latest grant writing guidance is sure to  make a tough job easier. 

September 2021

September 2021 cover showing young teacher wearing mask and carrying stack of books, computer keyboard and microscope

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In our September 2021 Back to School issue, Tech & Learning examines themes and trends that matter to teachers whether teaching in the classroom or online. Topics  include social-emotional learning, getting the most out of Zoom instruction, connecting with families and—most importantly—strategies to normalize this continuing-pandemic school year. 

July August 2021

Tech and Learning's July August 2021 cover illustration: Stacks of books within head-shaped housing.

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Tech and Learning's July-August 2021 issue is devoted to everything teachers and administrators need to know about professional development—particularly in light of the still ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Find out why returning to 2019 is a mistake, how to boost creativity in your classroom, the benefits of micro lessons, how to launch a flipped classroom and much more.   

June 2021

T&L June 2021 magazine cover

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Tech & Learning previews the upcoming conference season, which remains unusual despite some events returning to the in-person format. Read  Eileen Belastock’s take on the still-virtual ISTE 2021 and Carl Hooker's  helpful ideas for making the most of  any virtual conference. And be sure to check out our complete edtech conference guide, which gives educators the key facts about both in-person and virtual education technology conferences from now through June 2022.  

May 2021

May 2021 cover

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Tech & Learning's May 2021 issue looks at critical financial issues affecting schools, starting with the much-needed $122 billion for schools in the American Rescue Plan, then taking a deep dive into the best grants for education. But it's not all about the money. Check out Erik Ofgang's incisive articles on social-emotional learning and mastery-based education, and Susan Gentz's examination of district-owned homeschooling. 

April 2021

April 2021 cover "New Learning Spaces" with classroom

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April's issue asks, "What will tomorrow’s learning spaces look like?" T&L’s Senior Staff Writer Erik Ofgang offers a variety of answers, from designing future-ready learning labs, to planning for new 3-foot CDC spacing guidelines, to improving ventilation in schools. Other top articles explore winners of “The Best Tools for Remote & Blended Learning” Contest, how teachers can overcome Zoom fatigue, and using drones to provide students with internet  access. 

March 2021

March 2021 cover

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In the March 2021 issue, Tech and Learning presents more tips for educators' COVID toolkit, including the following: How to Reconnect with Students Who Have Logged Out; guide to school cybersecurity; tips for securing the critical funds that schools need to do their important work; the best masks for teachers; andan updated, digital version of Bloom’s taxonomy.

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February 2021

Tech and Learning February 2021 magazine cover

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Despite the global frenzy over esports, the phenomenon still remains something of a mystery in education. In our February magazine issue, Tech and Learning takes a close look at the state of esports and education today: How does esports benefit kids? How can schools start their own programs? What challenges are schools likely to face in implementation of esports programs? Answer to these questions plus articles on hybrid learning, racism in technology leadership, and education grants can be found in February's issue. 

December 2020/January 2021

Best of 2020 issue

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Tech & Learning honors the best education technology at ISTE and overall in our Best of 2020 issue.  Explore the top education technology tools, ranging from gaming notebooks to asset management systems to STEM project-based learning programs.   We also take a close look at screen time and kids, the top 30 education sites of 2020, Grants Guide 2021, long term remote learning and much more. 

November 2020

Tech & Learning's November magazine

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The November issue of Tech & Learning offers articles to help educators and administrators navigate this challenging time in education. Articles include: 

•Student safety concerns in online learning environments 
•VR and AR for Students with Special Needs
•How to manage hybrid classrooms
•Using data to effectively measure engagement
•Collaborating with IT and instruction to ensure effective continuity of learning
•Building inclusion remotely
•Good digital citizenship practices for remote learning

Amazing Homeschooling Projects

Cover image: Book of amazing homeschooling projects

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With teachers, students and parents spending more time than ever at home, Tech & Learning is excited to offer this special resource for homeschooling, courtesy of How It Works. The Book of Amazing Homeschooling Projects offers 30 fascinating home science experiments that can be done with ordinary household ingredients. From building a lung to splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen, these simple experiments will engage kids and adults alike while demonstrating important scientific principles.

October 2020

October 2020 magazine cover: STEM and emerging Tech

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The October issue of Tech & Learning focuses on how schools are teaching STEM -- whether classes are all online, a mix of blended and in person, or a hybrid approach. The issue also explores ways that emerging tech is being used to improve instruction and engagement in these new learning environments.



September 2020

September 2020 magazine cover, "New Year, New Normal"

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Despite the best efforts of school district educators and administrators over the summer, nothing could have prepared us for this school year.  

To support you during this challenging time, we've curated tips, tools, and best practices in our September issue. Learn how your colleagues are addressing:

• Student data privacy
• Equity
• Digital citizenship
• Supporting diversity
• Esports
• New learning models and more! 

July/August 2020

Tech & Learning's July/August 2020 cover with selected Awards of Excellence winners

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In our special Awards Issue, Tech & Learning is pleased to present the winners of its 39th annual Awards of Excellence Contest. This select group represents products that are unique in the K-12 market, help schools solve specific problems, and drive innovation during a challenging time for education. Also in this issue: new learning models for fall 2020.


June 2020

Tech & Learning June 2020 cover, with small figures directing giant pencil.

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This special issue of Tech & Learning is dedicated to helping schools address the many questions related to planning for next school year. As Part 2 of the popular "Just In Time Playbook for Remote Learning," Dr. Kecia Ray and her colleagues offer this new Guide to creating a district plan that can effectively support any learning environment, whether online, blended, or face-to-face.


May 2020

Cover of Tech & Learning's May issue: Laptop computer and books.

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Explore the best tools, strategies and practices for online learning. In May's issue, T&L looks at a variety of video applications, including Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet, and goes in depth on the challenges of managing devices remotely. 

Plus, Carl Hooker offers tips and tools that support effective online learning, including:

•Tips for improving communicating timelines, expectations, and support for learners
 and families.
•How to improve the videoconferencing experience.
•How to offer meaningful feedback and reflection remotely.
•How to support devices remotely.


April 2020

Remote control: April 2020 issue cover with two girls using computer

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Tech & Learning devotes the April issue to the key topics of the day: remote learning, pandemic preparation, cybersecurity, and of course, creative ways to use education technology tools, at home or in the classroom. 

Inside this edition:

• Top 25 Learning Tools for When School is Closed
• Cybersecurity: What K-12 Leaders Need to Know
• Is Your School Ready For A Long-Term Pandemic?


March 2020

Tech & Learning March 2020

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The March 2020 issue of Tech & Learning features the latest in edtech, including essential digital tools to support project-based learning, creating an esports program that nurtures positive gaming, Best of Show winners from TCEA, takeaways from FETC, making edtech more inclusive, real-world 3D printing projects, using VR to support rural schools, student safety vs. student privacy, product reviews and much more.

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February 2020

Tech&Learning's February 2020 cover

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Tech & Learning's February 2020 issue, "Better Safe Than Sorry," explores K-12 information security strategies and how to protect schools from hacking, ransomware and other online attacks.  Other features include:

• Product reviews of Acer Chromebook Tab 10, Dell Chromebook 31, Photoshop
 Express, Snapseed, and Moldive Shoot it Out
• Creating ebooks in the classroom
• Virtual PD
• The benefits of online graduate education
• And much more!

December 2019 & January 2020

Tech&Learning's Magazine cover for December 2019-January 2020

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Featuring Tech&Learning's 2019 Awards of Excellence, Best New Edtech for 2020, teaching third graders to code, and more. 

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November 2019

Tech&Learning's Magazine cover for November 2019

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Learn how to keep students engaged with "wow" moments, create a school esports league, accessible district websites and more. Plus, Matthew Joseph reports on Tech&Learning Live from Texas!

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October 2019

Tech&Learning's Magazine cover for October 2019

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T&L investigates how schools use data to personalize learning, a phonics-based approach to literacy, the top five ways programming in education has changed and much more. 

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September 2019

Tech&Learning's Magazine cover for September 2019

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Our Back-to-School issue looks at the best back-to-school desktops and laptops, 20 sites and apps teachers should try, how to integrate video games into your classroom for real learning and much more! 

August 2019

Tech&Learning's Magazine cover for August 2019

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T&L's August 2019 issues explores the Best of Show at ISTE2019, how social-emotional learning is changing the classroom, report from the T&L Leadership Summit and more!