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Tech & Learning's Latest Issues

Cover image: Book of amazing homeschooling projects

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Amazing Homeschooling Projects

With teachers, students and parents spending more time than ever at home, Tech & Learning is excited to offer this special resource for homeschooling, courtesy of How It Works. The Book of Amazing Homeschooling Projects offers 30 fascinating home science experiments that can be done with ordinary household ingredients. From building a lung to splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen, these simple experiments will engage kids and adults alike while demonstrating important scientific principles.

Remote Learning Guide

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Tech & Learning Remote Learning Playbook Special Report

The “Remote Learning Playbook” presents a detailed remote learning plan for schools and districts.

The Playbook includes: 

  • How to Design a Remote Learning Plan 
  • Templates and resource links that schools can provide to their staff and parents 
  • Free resources for remote learning solutions  
  • Tips for training and communication 
  • Low/no tech ideas 
  • And more!

September 2020 magazine cover, "New Year, New Normal"

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September 2020

Tech & Learning's September issue dives into the details of the new normal: supporting digital citizenship, best practices for video and student data management, how to make the most of remote learning models, including esports. 


Tech & Learning's July/August 2020 cover with selected Awards of Excellence winners

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July/August 2020

In our special Awards Issue, Tech & Learning is pleased to present the winners of its 39th annual Awards of Excellence Contest. This select group represents products that are unique in the K-12 market, help schools solve specific problems, and drive innovation during a challenging time for education. Also in this issue: new learning models for fall 2020.


Tech & Learning June 2020 cover, with small figures directing giant pencil.

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June 2020

This special issue of Tech & Learning is dedicated to helping schools address the many questions related to planning for next school year. As Part 2 of the popular "Just In Time Playbook for Remote Learning," Dr. Kecia Ray and her colleagues offer this new Guide to creating a district plan that can effectively support any learning environment, whether online, blended, or face-to-face.


Cover of Tech & Learning's May issue: Laptop computer and books.

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May 2020

Explore the best tools, strategies and practices for online learning. In May's issue, T&L looks at a variety of video applications, including Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet, and goes in depth on the challenges of managing devices remotely. 


Remote control: April 2020 issue cover with two girls using computer

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April 2020

Tech&Learning devotes the April issue to the key topics of the day: remote learning, pandemic preparation, cybersecurity, and of course, creative ways to use education technology tools, at home or in the classroom. 

March 2020

Tech & Learning March 2020

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The March 2020 issue of Tech & Learning features the latest in edtech, including essential digital tools to support project-based learning, creating an esports program that nurtures positive gaming, Best of Show winners from TCEA, takeaways from FETC, making edtech more inclusive, real-world 3D printing projects, using VR to support rural schools, student safety vs. student privacy, product reviews and much more.


Tech&Learning's February 2020 cover

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February 2020

Dive into creating ebooks in the classroom, virtual PD, K-12 information security strategies, benefits of online graduate education, and much more!

Tech&Learning's Magazine cover for December 2019-January 2020

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December 2019 & January 2020

Featuring Tech&Learning's 2019 Awards of Excellence, Best New Edtech for 2020, teaching third graders to code, and more. 

Tech&Learning's Magazine cover for November 2019

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November 2019

Learn how to keep students engaged with "wow" moments, create a school esports league, accessible district websites and more. Plus, Matthew Joseph reports on Tech&Learning Live from Texas!

Tech&Learning's Magazine cover for October 2019

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October 2019

T&L investigates how schools use data to personalize learning, a phonics-based approach to literacy, the top five ways programming in education has changed and much more. 

Tech&Learning's Magazine cover for September 2019

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September 2019

Our Back-to-School issue looks at the best back-to-school desktops and laptops, 20 sites and apps teachers should try, how to integrate video games into your classroom for real learning and much more! 

Tech&Learning's Magazine cover for August 2019

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August 2019

T&L's August 2019 issues explores the Best of Show at ISTE2019, how social-emotional learning is changing the classroom, report from the T&L Leadership Summit and more!