Change Default Browser Back to IE

Question: How can I change my default Web browser back to Internet Explorer? One of my students installed Netscape and now whenever we click a link in a Word file, the Web page opens in Netscape instead of Internet Explorer.

The IT Guy says:
In Internet Explorer 6 for Windows XP, choose TOOLS — INTERNET OPTIONS and click the PROGRAMS tab. Make sure the checkbox at the bottom is checked (it’s for the option “Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser.†Click OK to save the settings, close Internet Explorer, then open it again. A prompt will appear asking whether you want IE to be set as the default browser. Click YES.

In Macintosh OS 10.3, the default Web browser setting is set within the Safari Web browser. Open Safari and choose the SAFARI menu and then PREFERENCES. Click the GENERAL tab, and select the desired default browser (in this case, Internet Explorer) from the menu at the top.

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