ISTE NEWS: New Discovery Education Experience Available for Preview July 1

Discovery education logo
(Image credit: Discovery Education)

Beginning July 1, users of Discovery Education Streaming will have the opportunity to preview the new Discovery Education Experience, which becomes available to schools and educators nationwide at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.  A new generation of Discovery Education’s Streaming service, Discovery Education Experience provides curated, personalized, digital curriculum resources.

The service’s standards-aligned content is assignable and can be bookmarked and saved for later use and remixed to meet the varying needs of diverse student populations in a safe and secure environment. 

Discovery Education Experience’s content is complemented by a library of research-based instructional strategies for integrating digital media in practical ways.  Aligned to McREL International’s 6-Phase Model of Learning, these strategies foster skill development, complement different types of content, and are paired with content at the point of use. 

The new Discovery Education Experience also offers embedded content creation and real-time collaboration features through the Studio suite of tools.  An environment where teachers and students design, build, and share content in new and creative ways, Studio supports the creation of grab and go lessons that combine multi-modal content and effective instructional strategies that empower educators to dive deeply into targeted topic areas.  To request a demonstration of Discovery Education Experience, visit