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NEWS & TRENDS: Technology in US Schools: Are We Preparing Our Kids for the Jobs of Tomorrow?

  • Only 10% of US teachers surveyed feel confident teaching higher-level technology skills.
  • By 2020, 77% of all jobs will require some degree of tech skills and one million more computing jobs than applicants to fill them.
  • 79% of US CEOs are concerned that the shortage of people with key skills could impair their companies’ growth.
  • Only 35% of high school teachers report their schools offer app design/creation, and only 20% say their schools offer data analytics.
  • 60% of classroom technology use is passive.
  • Only 32% of classroom technology use is active—coding, producing videos, performing data analysis.
  • 79% of teachers surveyed want more professional development for tech-related subjects.
  • 36% of teachers surveyed report 1:1 at their schools.
  • Teachers reported that 48% of students do not have access to devices or the Internet (54%) at home.
  • Students in underserved schools are even more likely to lack access to technology at home. Those teachers report that 64% of students don’t have home access to devices or the Internet (69%) while teachers at affluent schools report 27% of students who don’t have access to devices or the Internet (30%) at home.
Source: PWC