Product Review: Phoenix Quattro 3 MT303 Conference Speakerphone

Product Review: Phoenix Quattro 3 MT303 Conference Speakerphone

Product: Phoenix Quattro 3 MT303 Conference Speakerphone

Vendor: Phoenix


Retail Price: $600

The Quattro3 (Q3) is a high-quality conference speakerphone designed to be used in cooperation with a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It is only 7” in diameter and weighs less than 2 pounds, making it highly portable for those that need to turn any room or classroom into a conference room. The Q3 uses multiple noise cancelling microphones paired with a solid speaker powered either by the computing device or the included power cord to provide excellent sound quality on both ends of the call.

Quality and Effectiveness
I tested the Q3 with Skype, Google Hangouts, and attached to my smartphone and found it worked just as well as a traditional speakerphone in small or large rooms. Power can be drawn from the device, external power source, or an internal battery, making it possible to take the Q3 anywhere. The Q3 is a perfect all-purpose speakerphone that is effective in any setting. It is solid in construction and does not have much on it that could break, making it a good device to check-out anywhere in a school.

Ease of Use
The Q3 is easy to use with a classroom computing device or smartphone, connecting simply through a USB or a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Creative Use of Technology
There are a couple of features that make the Q3 innovative. First, the flexibility to use nearly any device to facilitate a conference call makes this a great tool to have in any school. In addition, the ability to add multiple units to expand the reach of the call could be incredibly powerful. One could chain together up to 15 units (using an additional power source sold separately) and fill an enormous room with a close-knit conference experience.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment
This would be a great device for bringing in guest speakers or hosting virtual fieldtrips via Skype or a Google Hangouts. I could see this being used in classrooms in combination with a computer for students that are on medical leave so they can participate virtually in classroom. Usually attempts to bring virtual guests into a classroom are restricted by sound more than video and the Q3 eliminates the sound variables. The fact that you can use the Q3 to have a call and not have to hunt down a phone jack makes it perfect for schools where wireless internet is accessible.

Overall this is a solid device meant to fill the specific need of conference calls. The Q3 does an excellent job of doing this through flexibility and ease of use. Any school that needs a speakerphone for administrative or classroom use should evaluate the Q3 as a possible solution.

Top three reasons why this product’s overall features, functionality, and educational value make it a good choice for schools.

1.Integrates with nearly any device.

2.Ease of use with common web-based communication tools.

3.Size and portability paired with expandability to meet the needs of any setting.