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A Guide to Selecting the Best Digital Reading Solution for Your District

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The key to learning is reading. Because reading teaches students to decode, comprehend, analyze, and remember, honing these skills leads to success in school and life.

Today, schools are moving from paper to digital reading solutions. Various factors explain the shift, including technology’s ability to promote individualized learning and the need districts have to leverage technology investments. Solutions that provide ebooks and other digital resources are customizable, convenient, and engaging—and these features encourage students to read more and also help them to better understand what they read.

The process of selecting the right solution requires districts to identify their goals, needs, and resources and to ask hard questions of themselves and of potential vendors.

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Selecting the Best Literacy Platform for Your District

Today’s careers require a higher level of literacy than ever before and improving literacy rates within communities can have an immediate and long-term impact. Help your K-12 students achieve higher reading and writing benchmarks with a program that best aligns to your instructional goals and objectives and provides differentiated instruction with actionable data.