App of the Day

Pebble Go Next homepage screenshot: Biographies Now Available

(Image credit: Capstone)

PebbleGo Next: Kid-Friendly Database for Grades 3–6 (opens in new tab)

This student-centric research site gives kids a just-right amount of information to build foundational research skills.

Screenshot from Cuethink homepage: Make math social

(Image credit: Cuethink)

“Thinklets” Provide Path to Teaching Common Core Math Lessons (opens in new tab)

CueThink, an innovative, community-based platform, helps students plan, strategize, and collaborate.

Screenshot showing carbon cycle

(Image credit: Andamio Games, LLC)

Explore Photosynthesis, Carbon Cycle, and More with Virtual Lab App (opens in new tab)

CellEnergy Photosynthesis Labs helps high-school and middle-school students explore how photosynthesis and cellular respiration allow matter and energy to cycle through ecosystems.