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Leader in Project Based Learning Offers Expanded Resources

(Image credit: PBLWorks)

Shifting from traditional instruction to project based learning (PBL) is a journey of professional learning and reflection for a teacher—one that can be tough to navigate without the right support. So PBLWorks, the leader in project based learning professional development, is introducing a new, free step-by-step ebook called “Your Project Based Learning Journey: A Guide for Teachers.” Based on educational research and the experience of guiding tens of thousands of educators through the process over the past decade, this guide covers questions teachers are likely to have about PBL as they start out.

The guide covers the following stages:

Stage 1: Discover the what and why of PBL
Stage 2: Learn how to design and implement PBL
Stage 3: Implement your project in the classroom
Stage 4: Reflect on lessons learned and plan next steps
Stage 5: Share and lead to help others on their PBL journey.

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Swing Education Expands to Chicago to Help Schools Address the Substitute Teacher Shortage

(Image credit: Swing Education)

Swing Education, an on-demand marketplace for substitute teachers, has expanded its services to Chicago and surrounding areas in Cook County, bringing a much-needed solution to schools and districts grappling with the substitute teacher shortage. According to a 2018 report from the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools, 85 percent of Illinois superintendents reported that the teacher shortage was a problem—an increase from the previous year. About 65 percent—or five out of every eight superintendents—also reported a “serious problem” with substitute teacher shortages. Many were unable to fill positions with qualified personnel, resulting in numerous classes being cancelled. Swing Education relieves schools and districts of the burden of substitute teacher recruiting, support, and payment. The company also makes it easy for schools and districts to cover absences quickly and easily—it takes schools between 30 and 60 seconds to post a request on Swing’s platform, and substitute teachers can accept assignments via text message or the company’s web-based app.

Clayton County (GA) Public Schools Awards Boxlight with PD Contract

(Image credit: Boxlight)

During the 2019–20 academic year, EOS Education (EOS), a K–12 professional development subsidiary of Boxlight, will provide a comprehensive program of training, professional development, and ongoing support for educators in Clayton County (GA) Public Schools (CCPS). The comprehensive professional development program has a multi-method approach for online, onsite, and consultancy training within its whole-class learning solution. These three programs will facilitate the effective implementation of Boxlight classroom solutions and provide teachers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and best practices to implement these technologies in their classrooms. In the spring of 2018, CCPS chose Boxlight for an $18 million digital classroom refresh project, which involved installing its innovative MimioClassroom solution suite in approximately 3,200 classrooms in 38 elementary, 15 middle, and 12 high schools. The installation was completed at the end of February 2019.