BLOG: Managing Your District’s Technology Pain Points

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Districts should feel confident that their assets are accurately allocated toward their biggest investment — students. 

Follett School Solutions program director Don Rokusek explains how Follett Destiny Resource Manager – used by more than 25,000 schools – covers all aspects of resource management, including: 

  • Tracking every aspect of inventory with an easy-to-use PreK-12 asset management system. From technology devices to textbooks Destiny Resource Manager tracks the distribution of assets from checkout to check-in. Keep tabs on everything with digital signature agreements, maintaining accountability among students and staff. 
  • Never struggling with an audit report again. Destiny Resource Manager can automatically complete a physical inventory of assets to ensure compliance. 
  • Easily integrating data from Follett Destiny Library Manager to seamlessly upgrade your inventory management. 

As educators head back to school, what pain points should they be aware of in regard to managing classroom assets and technology? 

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Don Rokusek (Image credit: Follett School Solutions)

It’s critical to know what resources you have on hand, where they are in your locations, and what you need by understanding any changes in the demographics of students and staff at each location. Your resource management system should make all of these key data points easy to access. If you have this information at your fingertips, you can reduce your new purchases and replacement costs each school year and get everyone all the resources they need to succeed as easily as possible. 

How can Destiny Resource Manager help education leaders work smarter and not harder when managing classroom assets and technology? 

Follett has been helping districts and schools to manage resources for decades. Our Destiny solutions are proven to ensure accountability and minimize costs. Resource Manager has easy-to-use workflows for distribution and collection of resources, periodic inventory or audit processes, and powerful reporting to answer your resource questions. Resource Manager also integrates with other systems in your district/school to minimize redundant data and processes. 

What are the other benefits of having a single management resource system such as Destiny Resource Manager? 

Districts and schools have many challenges each school year – changes in leadership, turnover in staff, and the ongoing need to do more with less budget. Destiny Resource Manager uses the same platform as Destiny Library Manager – the library management system used in more districts/schools than any other solution. This makes it easy, economical, and convenient to also use Destiny for resource management. It can satisfy the key requirements of inventory management for any department – from technology devices and assessment kits to sports equipment and musical instruments.  

My district has a lot of unique assets – how can Destiny Resource Manager accommodate this? 

Destiny Resource Manager has flexible resource templates so you can define what data elements are important for you for each resource type. Also, Destiny supports role-based access levels that can vary for each resource type – so you can ensure that staff with responsibilities for a limited type of resource only have access to that resource type in the system. This security structure allows for multiple departments/teams to all use the same system but ensures that they can manage policies/processes independently and based on needs associated with their respective resource types. 

What general advice do you have for districts looking to organize and manage their classroom assets and technology? 

Stretch your systems dollars as far as possible. Implement a solution that supports all the different types of resources that you need to manage. Make sure the vendor is focused on supporting the unique needs of PreK-12 districts and schools. Finally, make sure any solution is proven at districts and schools, both large and small.   

How can Follett help create efficient processes for handling challenges and needs beyond what the district staff can support, such as when districts receive an influx of curriculum materials and technology assets that need to be barcoded and inventoried?

Follett has a Managed Services Team that can help districts with getting past “special” short-term staffing needs – such as those required to barcode and inventory a large number of resources in a short period of time. We have assisted many districts along the way and are equipped with best practices in this area to get you on the right path as quickly and as easily as possible. 

Why is it important for schools to verify that they have the necessary scanners and barcoding materials necessary to support their processes? 

Destiny Resource Manager uses barcode labels and scanners to make tracking resources simple and easy. It’s critical that you have adequate and correct scanners and labels on hand to keep staff as productive as possible with the system. This makes distribution, collection and inventory processes easy and accurate. Our teams can help you to ensure you have these essential tools in place to support your usage of the system.

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