Empowering students with project-based learning and Google tablets at St. Albans City School

Empowering students with project-based learning and Google tablets at St. Albans City School

Wednesday September 24, 2014

1:00 pm EST / 10:00 am PST

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In this webinar, you’ll hear how St. Albans City School is empowering students by putting Google tools into their hands to improve their community. Students are engaging with the local community to improve the region’s trail systems, while reducing the unfiltered phosphates that run off the trails and negatively impact Lake Champlain. Students are directly applying principles contained in the Next-Gen science standards for schools. Tune in for the details of this learning project and how educators are transforming teaching & learning through some of these Google tools.

St. Albans City School is located in St. Albans, Vermont, a small city in northwestern Vermont, bordering New York via Lake Champlain and only 15 miles from Canada. A PreK-8 building, City School is made up of approximately 700 students and 150 staff members.

They determined that Nexus 7 tablets and Google Play for Education were the right combination of technology for them. Come hear about their success!


Devin Sandoz, Google for Education
As the marketing manager for Android tablets and Google Play for Education, Devin works with schools to find the best ways to use Google’s educational tools. A longtime Googler, Devin has has previously worked on the development of products including Google Photos, Google+, and Google AdWords.

Matt Allen - Innovation Specialist, St. Albans City School
Matt Allen is the Innovation Specialist at St. Albans City School in Vermont. As an educator, he believes any learning that has true meaning positively impacts the future. To this end, it is his goal to create learning opportunities that guide the learner's views or plans for the future, or creates a direct relationship with the larger community. Each day, with each interaction he has, he attempts to create experiences that allow and instruct the youth to be informed, empowered, passionate, and engaged citizens in their world.