VIDEO: How Microsoft is Using Generative AI to Enhance Teaching and Learning

(Image credit: Microsoft)

At the recent ISTELive23 conference, generative AI was definitely the hottest topic on the agenda. Microsoft presented their take on this provocative topic at their packed session on “Unlocking AI’s Potential: Transform Learning Experiences and Prepare for the Future.” 

The conversation was facilitated by Lydia Smyers, Vice President of U.S. Education for Microsoft, who invited a series of speakers to the stage to share their experiences with generative AI.

Find highlights of this fascinating conversation in the video above, which included: 

  • Zeeshan Anwar (Chief Product Officer) and Tara Carrozza (Director of Digital Learning Initiatives) of New York City Public Schools discussed how the nation’s largest school district has embraced generative AI, presented the early work they are doing in the district, and offered a sneak peek at the future plans the district has with Microsoft. 
  • Sean D’Arcy, VP of School and Home at Kahoot!, presented the impressive results they have already seen by integrating generative AI into their product suite to save time for educators.
  • Devendra Singh, PowerSchool’s CTO, reviewed the new features to help deliver personalized education pathways made possible through their collaboration with Microsoft.
  • Mike Tholfsen, Principal Group Product Manager at Microsoft, demonstrated new AI-powered features including passage generation in Reading Progress and tools like Bing Chat. 

Lydia Smyers concluded the discussion with a link to a new course designed to help educators navigate the world of AI in education by covering essential AI concepts, practical applications, and Microsoft AI technology. Find it here: 

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