Review of Insight’s ADVANCEfeedback

The product, “Insight’s ADVANCEfeedback”, an evaluation management system, is one stand-alone component of a three-solution suite that also includes ADVANCEcalibrate and ADVANCElearn.

Quality and Effectiveness: With Insight’s ADVANCEfeedback, all stakeholders can use the same platform to manage all observations. The system allows teachers and administrators to use recorded video to present and evaluate lessons with embedded comments. The system can also be used for informal observation and professional learning communities. The program is cloud-based and securely accessed from anywhere (school or home), at any time, using any device with an Internet connection. All stakeholders can work on the program whenever they’re available and videos are easy to upload.

Ease of Use: An easy-to-use and personalized dashboard with convenient tabs allows users (teachers, observers, and administrators) to access videos, observations, tools, resources, and reports. Comments can also be added from the dashboard as users review videos or observe lessons in real time. User-friendly dropdown menus make it easy to add comments, connect to learning frameworks, and upload connected lesson plans, handouts, and student work. There is also a straightforward tool for uploading videos. In addition, a clock is displayed and comments are tied to that clock. Training and support are available at any time, so downtime remains at a minimum and questions and problems can be dealt with quickly.

Creative Use of Technology: Insight’s ADVANCEfeedback allows for both real-time and recorded video observations and participants can add online comments. Users can upload video observations for evaluations whenever they’re ready. Videos can also be shared with others for feedback or support. The system’s seamless technology makes it easy for all stakeholders to communicate and collaborate.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: Districts and schools are finding that all of the evaluations they’re required to complete take time and often are not as effective as they’d like. Insight’s ADVANCEfeedback standardizes the process for everyone. The system gives teachers control, as they can write goals, add comments, and upload videos when they’re ready. It also allows evaluators easy and flexible access to this information so they can view evidence, make comments, provide feedback, and respond to teachers with final reports on their own schedule.


Insight’s ADVANCEfeedback is an excellent self-contained system that allows schools or districts to take the evaluation process from pre-survey to final report. Each stakeholder can control their participation and use the power of video to present evidence in teacher observations. Feedback is meaningful and supported with embedded context, questions, and comments from teachers and observers.


• One stop—Teachers and administrators can complete the entire observation process using this one easy-to-use system.
• Support—All stakeholders have access to online training and support from the beginning.
• Video—Platform provides ability for teachers to share their classroom videos and receive detailed, timely feedback from peers, coaches, and administrators.