VIDEO: Intel Skills for Innovation at Bett 2023

Intel robotic car
(Image credit: Intel)

Intel showcased its latest innovations at Bett 2023, focusing on the Intel Skills for Innovation program. The program aims to provide teachers with the resources and support they need to prepare their students for the "fourth industrial revolution." It offers modules that cover four main skill sets: AI and machine learning, programming and coding, data science, and simulation and modeling, as well as computational thinking and design-thinking mindsets. 

At Bett 2023, highlighted activities included hands-on robotics, which allow students to see the results of their work immediately on the screen. 

"We're seeing coding with just using an Android phone," said Director of U.S. and Canada EDU sales strategy Snow White. "Students can program a car to follow a track. Not only is it a tangible thing for them, but it's building skill sets that are going to be critical to get that job when they graduate."

The program has been implemented in over 40 countries, with some adopting it country-wide. Teachers can become certified and Intel continually provides updates to reflect technological advancements. Educators who would like to learn more can register for a free trial on the Intel Skills for Innovation website Once they've thoroughly tried it out, they can reach out to Intel to open the program for their entire district. 

"We're excited for teachers to try it and let us know what they think," added Snow White. "Hopefully one day we'll see it in every school in America."