PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Award-Winning Math Software Personalizes Support for All Students

2023 Awards of Excellence back to school
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TouchMath PRO

“Through this comprehensive program, teachers can identify skill gaps and set specific goals that are individualized for students,” write the Tech & Learning judges, with one adding, “I like that the product offers options to complete lessons digitally or by printable activity sheets. Touchmath Pro is a great solution for helping students reach their individual goals in learning.”

Many students struggle in a variety of unique ways with mathematical concepts, but personalizing the needed support for each and every student can be a challenge, especially in large classrooms. 

TouchMath has designed a system to help teachers offer this personalized intervention and remediation using a multisensory approach and sequential strategy to improve student math comprehension and mastery. From students with dyscalculia to those with situational learning loss, TouchMath is designed to support every learner and is proven effective in every setting.

 Two TouchMath collections recently won Tech & Learning’s Best for Back to School Awards: TouchMath PRO and TouchMath DySc, Dyscalculia Screener. Read more about these award-winning products below.  

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TouchMath PRO supports students who are experiencing math difficulties with evidence-based, individualized digital intervention. Platform highlights include:  

  • The program adapts to student responses using a proprietary algorithm that automates suggested progressions based on student scores. 
  • Clear math progressions are highlighted on the visually distinct Skills Rainbow, providing educators with a clear understanding of foundational and prerequisite math concepts.
  • Data-driven reports help educators build a digital portfolio of student work, providing educational teams with the data necessary to drive individualized instruction with data-based instruction.
  • Lessons to be completed digitally or through printable activity sheets, promoting generalization across all settings and delivery modes.
  • Flexible modes empower educators to customize learning experiences and receive recommendations based on student progress. 

Watch a demo of TouchMath PRO here.

Dyscalculia Screener

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TouchMath DySc, Dyscalculia Screener

“This screener provides timely information for teachers to make adjustments and interventions right away, specifically helping educators identify areas of focus for students who are struggling with math difficulties,” write the Tech & Learning judges. “DySc enables timely intervention and support, minimizing academic struggles in later years. This is definitely a needed support in today's classrooms.”

Dyscalculia is often underdiagnosed and underserved. If individuals who experience math difficulties do not have access to high-quality early intervention, they potentially can experience lasting deficits across all key domains of dyscalculia. TouchMath’s DySc can help. 

DySc is a comprehensive dyscalculia screener and individualized intervention guide aligned to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, Text Revision (DSM-5-TR). The DySc screener includes key questions to help identify weaknesses in the four primary domains of dyscalculia:

  • Number sense
  • Arithmetic facts
  • Accurate and fluent calculations 
  • Accurate mathematical reasoning 

Following the screening, a report is automatically generated and will include a score that indicates the presence or lack of potential risk factions, plus an action plan based on the score. The report can be shared with qualified professionals to determine whether or not a formal diagnosis is needed.

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