My best and worst IT lessons #3: Internet training

My best and worst IT lessons #3: Internet training

Learning together. Photo from CC0

One of the most frustrating "lessons" I taught was a training session for teachers. I was booked to show them how to use the internet: email and search engines. The teachers on the course were both both under-confident and lacking in the relevant experience and skills. My job was to address these issues.

I arrived at the school in good time, and the Head of IT told me to go straight to the room; he would be down later.

What happened

So the first thing I discovered was a queue of teachers waiting outside a locked computer lab. I went to see the Head of IT and asked him to unlock the room.

Once we'd got started, I told the teachers to have a go at using a search engine. In return for their efforts, they saw a "web not available" message. I went to find the Head of IT, and he told me he had disabled access to the internet "for security reasons".

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