Search Engine for Kids by Google

Search Engine for Kids by Google

Kiddle is a new and a child-friendly search engine for kids that is supported by Google’s Custom search bar embedded in the website.

The website uses a robotic, outer space theme with a cute and a friendly robot that will attract children. The first three results are always the safe sites that are created by the children. The next results will include links that will be easy for children to understand. And the rest of the search results will be more difficult for kids to understand, but they are still filtered by Google safe search to avoid inappropriate content. The logs are cleared every day and the search engine doesn’t collect any personal information. If your child searches for some inappropriate words, an angry robot will tell the children to go back to the search box and try again.

The search engine also lets parents block any additional keywords and they may also request to block a site if they think it’s not suitable for their children.

Of course, with all this massive information on the world wide web, it is still difficult to control or filter the content that our children or our students are facing every day, but it is still great that some companies are trying to help.

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