How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Education?

How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Education?

Tutoring: It’s estimated that education tutoring could be wiped out by AI in the next five years. Intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) will simulate one-to-one human tutoring.

Assessment: AI will help build more efficient, personalized, and contextualized support for students.

Recommendations: Smart recommendation systems or machine-assisted systems will show student mastery, repeat necessary lessons, and suggest personalized learning plans.

Hiring and Development: Upskilling and continuous development will be required for teachers and administrators to keep pace. We’ll also see new models of boot camps and EDX-like offerings from universities to serve as gap-fillers for skills.

Scheduling: Algorithms will make it easier to maximize learning environments and schedules.

Transportation: Some believe that by 2025, ride-sharing fleets and autonomous vehicles will be transporting students to schools.

SOURCE: Getting Smart’s “Ask About AI.”