New School Projectors, For Less

Casio Ultra Short Throw Projector


This well regarded projector includes light sensors to auto-adjust to the room and brightly displays 3,500 lumens on 50” to 110” screen or wall space. It takes seconds to fire up and can be controlled by phone or mobile device via wireless adapter. The lamp-free design saves resources, both financial and time, by omitting the need for changing bulbs and maintenance. Its long life (approximately 18 school years) also adds to a reduced bottom line.


PowerLite 109W

This 4,000 lumen projector is a bright light on the list, coming standard with wired networking with support for advanced networking and supporting Crestron RoomView and Control4 (also offering a $99 Wireless Module). It includes numerous inputs, connectors, video interfacing options, audio and monitor outputs —the mic input can even run with the Audio amp even with video turned off, to save energy.



This DLP with WXGA resolution and 3,600 claimed lumens offers reverse sticker shock. A 1.20:1 zoom requiring specific placement and no lens zoom are a few sacrifices made to achieve the low pricetag, as well as a lack of network capabilities — but beyond those drawbacks, it offers decent color and numerous inputs and connectors, HDMIs, two analog inputs/output, Audio In and Out, USB and a serial port. 

View Sonic


This affordable alternative to interactive whiteboards has an ultra-short throw lens making the projector flexible enough to be ceiling-mounted or simply placed on the tabletop (also allowing the budget hit to be spread to benefit multiple classrooms). The vBoard software lets users write, highlight and edit documents or images in real-time and features an integrated micro USB cable for easy charging. 

Sascha Zuger

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