School CIO Summit at Skywalker Ranch: Sneak Preview

After a one year hiatus, I'm excited to return to the School CIO summit.  T
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In a district far, far away... 

After a one year hiatus, I'm excited to return to the School CIO summit. The folks at Tech & Learning always put together a great event so when they asked me to be a part of it, I jumped at the opportunity. This year, as it will be hosted at Skywalker ranch, they wanted to add a film element to the two-day experience. I was equally honored that they asked me to lead this portion of the event (with a little help from my friends). So for the next two days, administrators from across the land will essentially be given 30 hours to create a high-quality short film that helps solve a major educational issue. To make this challenge a bit more complex, they will also be randomly assigned a genre. (Can't wait to see "High Stakes Test: the Musical") While I'm sure the films will turn out great, the thing that I'm hoping the administrators in the room walk away with is the experience of learning and collaborating with a common goal. Because, in the end, to help keep our industry afloat in the future, it'll take all of us collaborating to bring a better future to our kids in order to make this all work. Beyond this event, I'm hoping we continue to use our force powers as Jedi of collaboration and never succumb to the dark side of learning in silos.



Sneak Preview of Teachers' Views on Web 2.0

 Early results show that 62% of educators who responded have joined one or more social networking websites, and their participation on these sites has had a positive impact on their attitudes about using this technology for personal and professional purposes, and in the classroom.