Your Digital Footprint Launched

Your Digital Footprint Launched

ESSDACK has collaborated with GoEnnounce to produce an affordable digital citizenship curriculum for secondary students titled Your Digital Footprint. The curriculum includes ten lessons focusing on the importance of building a positive digital image for students to carry into their future.

GoEnnounce is free to use, has safety filtering and human monitoring in place, has no private messaging and no advertisers.

Your Digital Footprint was piloted in two districts representing students in 7th-12th grade. Fifty middle and high students participated in the pilot in courses including English Language Arts, Teen Leadership, and Business Essentials. Students scored an average of 50% on the pre-test and an average of 90% on the post-test. Students also participated in a privacy survey. 72% of students admitted to already having 1-6 social media accounts and 40% of students said they freely share identifiable information such as their address, birthday, social security number, photographs, and medical information online.

The 10 lessons, along with a pre & post test, are aligned to CCSS ELA Anchor Standards & ISTE Standards. The curriculum educates students on digital security, copyright, digital literacy, digital communication, and digital image.

“This curriculum really helps students understand the importance of what they post online. Their digital footprint follows them, and these lessons help them learn how to be appropriate online,” said Taylor Gould, middle school teen leadership teacher.