National Week of Making Launches June 17th

National Week of Making Launches June 17th

The National Week of Making kicks off June 17th.Educational organizations are invited to share actions, commitments, or other activities their organization might be taking by going to and submitting “New Activities and Potential Commitments” on the form “What are you making?”

The White House will be celebrating Champions of Change for Making during the National Week of Making (June 17-23) by sharing stories of the leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and educators who work daily within their local communities across the country. Educators can help identify those who are working to make advances in technology, platforms and educational opportunities. Learn more about the call here and submit a nomination directly by select “Making” as the theme of service here: NOMINATE A CHAMPION

Examples of community members' activity include:

  • Posting a photo about the #NationOfMakers
  • Organizing an event and/or host an open house at a local school, library, rec center, makerspace or set up a hangout online. Some have posted their events on a community website such as
  • Volunteering to be a mentor for someone who is interested in learning a new skill.
  • Organizing a maker roundtable, maker town hall, or maker tour to convene thought leaders and decision makers in your community.

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