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Today's Newsletter: The Drones Are Coming

Have you tried drones in your school? Let us know in our new survey.
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In the May T&L article, “Drones: These Classes Fly By,” Sascha Zuger interviews Bobby Brian Lewis of Huntington Middle School in Warner Robbins (GA) about how he’s using drones to teach math and science. Lewis reports that he’s seen drone technology “motivate struggling students and those who best respond to hands-on learning” and he predicts “this technology will become easier to buy and fly in the future, and soon drones will help us to see new possibilities for education.” Industry predictions seem to support this claim: a new report by RnR Market Research expects the worldwide market for drones, now $6.8 billion, to reach $36.9 billion by 2022. An increasing number of new products specifically for education are being introduced, such as droneSim Pro Drone Simulator, which offers flight training software built on the real-world physics of drone flight. A new book from ISTE, Drones in Education: Let Your Students' Imaginations Soar, was written for educators who want to know more about how to incorporate drones into their curriculum, but have no idea where to start. Have you tried drones in your school? Let us know in our new survey. – Christine Weiser, Executive Editor



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Today's Newsletter: The Power of Story

Cara Jones, founder of Storytellers for Good, prompted attendees, 50 or so school district executives from around the country, to play a game of telephone—share their own personal story in two short minutes, listen to each other’s story, then turn to repeat their partner’s story to a new partner.