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Teq Announces Exclusive Partnership With Cloudgenix

Teq Announces Exclusive Partnership With Cloudgenix

Teq today announced an exclusive partnership with CloudGenix to provide its SD-WAN solution to school districts nationwide.

CloudGenix routes application data to improve network performance. In addition, district IT leaders can prioritize traffic for critical applications. They can also see, at the device level, if there are applications utilizing too much bandwidth.

CloudGenix can move district networking from an “active/backup” environment to an “active/active” environment – utilizing all of the lines a district has to improve performance. Traditionally, backup lines are costly and rarely used. With CloudGenix, districts can make use of the bandwidth, or eliminate a backup line in favor of less expensive connectivity options.

Free trials of CloudGenix SD-WAN are currently available from Teq. K-12 districts can register their interest in a free trial by going to