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Discovery Education Announces Enhancements to Science Techbook

Discovery Education Announces Enhancements to Science Techbook

Discovery Education today announced enhancements to the instructional content and design of the Discovery Education Science Techbook™.

Features include:

  • Simplified design
  • New STEM resources across STEM subjects and careers: STEM Project Starters allow students to connect math, technology, and engineering to their understanding of science concepts to produce creative solutions to real world problems. STEM In Action helps students connect their work with STEM careers
  • New phenomena-driven, relevant learning experiences: Phenomena in science are instances in the real-world that may seem extraordinary to students, such as weather events, animal migration, and lunar eclipses.
  • New features supporting differentiated instruction: The Core Interactive Text feature blends text with multimedia resources and focuses on phenomena, problems, and questions that are relevant to students of different learning styles and abilities. An extensive collection of Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) are embedded in digital text to help teachers uncover what students already know about a concept and to support further interaction and understanding.

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