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Curriculum & Tech: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Curriculum & Tech: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

At T&L Live Dallas, taking place on Thursday, November 3, keynote speaker Bob Moore (at left) will address the question: “Curriculum & Tech: Can This Marriage Be Saved”?

Most department directors know that in order for any tech initiative to not just survive but thrive, the technology and curriculum departments must share the same goals--which many times is easier said than done. Whether your district is navigating this conversation while transitioning to digital content, rolling out a 1:1 program, or preparing for new standardized tests, a healthy marriage between instruction and technology is crucial. Through his work of more than 28 years in edtech as a district CTO, in a tech vendor role, and as a consultant to school districts, Bob Moore, CTO for Dallas ISD, has learned some practical steps both roles can take to alleviate some of those issues. In his opening keynote, Moore will share these tips that can help both sides better understand each other’s challenges, and find specific actions each can take to improve collaboration and, ultimately, the effective use of edtech from both tech and instructional perspectives.

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