Schools set up own science fair websites

Our Science Fair has announced the launch of a free science fair website service designed to increase student participation in science fairs and make the entire process simpler and greener.

Science fair coordinators use the Our Science Fair service to quickly and easily set up a customizable website. The service helps meet “green school” goals by eliminating most paper forms traditionally used to run a science fair program:

  • Replace science fair flyers with a customizable informational home page, complete with school logo or image
  • Replace paper application forms with a customizable online registration tool.
  • Replace supply order forms with an online store for project display boards and other supplies.
  • Replace participant updates and reminders with a one-click email directly from the website.

“Setting up our website was so easy and we can’t wait to see the video Our Science Fair produces from the photos our parents and students upload to the website as they prepare for the event,” said Janet Chenoweth, science teacher at Walsh Elementary School in Walsh, Colorado.

Our Science Fair gives parent-teacher organizations a new fundraising tool by allowing them to benefit from the sale of supplies purchased through their science fair website. Parents can expect to pay less for supplies purchased through an Our Science Fair website than they would at most retail stores.

“When I volunteered to be the science fair coordinator for my daughter’s school, I was astounded to find that 600 paper registration forms had to be manually entered into a spreadsheet. I knew there was a better way,��� said Rajeev Goel, founder and president of Our Science Fair.

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