Web 2.0 Courses for Teachers

PBS TeacherLine® has updated several instructional technology courses to include strategies for using Web 2.0 tools in the classroom and for professional growth.

PBS TeacherLine offers more than 145 online graduate-level courses in reading, math, science, instructional technology, and instructional strategies that are based on research-supported pedagogy and state and national standards. Course enrollment for the Fall term is open, and national courses start Oct. 8 (local courses may have a different start date).

The newly updated instructional technology courses available this fall include:

TECH 340: Evaluating and Organizing Internet Resources and Content

TECH 330: Communicate and Collaborate Online

TECH 325: Searching and Researching on the Internet

TECH 300: The Computer for Personal Productivity

For more information visit www.pbs.org/teacherline.