Email security system blocks combined threats

M86 Security has announced the availability of MailMarshal SMTP 6.7, an integrated "in the cloud" malware protection and blended threat offering. MailMarshal SMTP 6.7 combines content security, Defense-in-Depth anti-spam engine, blended threat detection and IP reputation analysis and applies it to both inbound and outbound email communication.

Blended threats defeat or bypass traditional gateway antivirus and spam solutions by replacing malicious attachments with a URL link to a legitimate-looking Website that often executes automated, drive-by downloads that infect users and expose them to vulnerability exploits. Blended threat emails often employ social engineering techniques and clever designs to lure recipients into clicking on the link that then triggers the infection. Once infected, a barrage of malicious activity can take place - from stealing confidential information and data leakage to setting up botnets to execute further criminal activity.

New features in MailMarshal SMTP 6.7

· Blended Threat Module - blocks emails that contain malicious URL links and utilizes a cloud-based malware behavior analysis service for rapid identification of new malicious links.
· M86 IP Reputation Service - rejects the majority of spam messages an organization would normally receive before the messages are transmitted to an organization's email gateway.
· SpamBotCensor - identifies spam messages sent by known botnets.

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