Free online tools from Nortel

Nortel LearniT unveiled its newest free project-based resource, the Everyday Technology Toolkit (ETT). The ETT delivers a hands-on approach to learning, appealing to teachers seeking to educate their students in new ways, while also creating resources for adults and other non-millennial audiences. The toolkit provides students with the resources needed to create a short, informative video about an everyday piece of technology, how to use it and demonstrating various applications in the use of the specific technology. Students will research, write, communicate and produce a finished video known as a Tech 'Splained segment that can then be shared with others.

"Two things happen when you give students a chance to explain what they’ve learned.” says Becky Jaramillo, a teacher and school administrator from Peoria, IL. “By listening to their explanations, you can truly determine if the students have a good grasp of the material. Students also take pride in their work when they have a chance to show what they know to others. Having students create their own Tech ‘Splained vignettes allows them to use the tools that they love in creative and engaging ways."

Engage Millennial Students and Let Them Teach Others

A Nortel LearniT student production team conceived of the Tech ‘Splained concept as a way to teach users who are unfamiliar with today's technologies, how to use them. “Tech 'Splained vignettes are fantastic. They can be shown to anyone! Teachers, parents or anyone can learn about a piece of everyday technology in just a few minutes!” said Liz Sedova, a member of the Nortel LearniT student production team.

The free online toolkit provides users with an overview video describing all the resources contained in it, as well as a how-to-get-started guide, resources used to complete a Tech ‘Splained project and a blog for users to share ideas about how they’re using the ETT. The kit features a complete listing of existing how-to videos distributed through Nortel LearniT.

Bill Myers a teacher at the Virginia Beach (VA) Public Schools remarked “I’m extremely impressed with the Everyday Technology Toolkit. It is simple to use and will be fun to share with my kids. It covers the making of these videos at a level junior or senior high school students can easily understand. I plan on using the ETT as a primary resource to teach lessons and my students will be producing these how-to videos in no time”.

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