Interactive student response technology donated

The Turning Foundation has announced a new partnership with Boise School District and a local junior high school. The Turning Foundation has donated over $44,000 in TurningPoint interactive student response technology and professional development to South Junior High School.

Using Turning Technologies’ student response solution, teachers ask students interactive assessment questions, students respond using ResponseCard® keypads (“clickers”), and the technology charts response results.

Each TurningPoint classroom kit includes the following:

  • 32-seat Radio Frequency ResponseCard NXT clickers
  • TurningPoint® software: Poll Natively in PowerPoint®
  • TurningPoint AnyWhere software: Poll in ANY Mac® or PC Applicaiton
  • TurningKey: Poll Asynchronously/Self-Paced Testing
  • USB-based response RF receiver
  • QuestionPoint - standards-aligned question bank
  • Customized carrying case
  • Technical support.