Videoconferencing lease deal extended

Stampede Presentation Products, Inc., the value-added distributor of ProAV solutions, today announced the continuation of its $99 per-month video conferencing lease program and the launch of a cloud based video conferencing system.

The Sony Video Conferencing base model in the lease program is the PCS-G50 at $99 a month. The five-year lease also includes a five-year service and support contract and the offer of a $1 buy-out.

Stampede today announced the launch of a cloud-based video conferencing solution. This new service allows Stampede’s dealer base to offer video conferencing services to clients that may only need to use it a few times a year. “Many customers that need multi-point solutions may only need that multi-point solution one, two, three times a year,” explained Kelly. “With the cloud-based service they can now rent the time that they need versus making the investment to have that capability all the time. Either way, our customer, who provides the service to them, wins.”